Monday, December 1, 2014

Those Perfect Words That Wake You in the Middle of the Night

Fleeting Words

by Teri Saya

I'm sleeping…….. 
Then my mind turns over and my eyes open to the darkness.
It all comes to me! The things I wanted to write down.
Quickly, I reach for the notepad that I keep on the nightstand.
It’s not there!
Many words are going through my head like a parade passing by.
Their perfect! Exactly what I have been wanting to write down!
I pull back the blanket and quietly get out of bed.
The words are fading! No time for slippers!
I head for the office where my laptop sits. It has fallen asleep!
Waiting for the thing to cycle itself awake, I find a pen and paper.
I begin scribbling furiously as the tail end of that beautiful word parade slips from my brain.
The computer chirps cheerily, as if to say, "ok, I'm ready!"
I open the word processor program.
And, what I have written on the paper makes no sense....
Damn! Missed it again!
I stare at the nonsensical words on the paper and decide to go back to bed.
This time I make sure there is a notepad and pen on the nightstand.
Maybe, just maybe, those fleeting words will come back to me.

===== END =====

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