Friday, November 14, 2014


A writer's poem by Teri Saya

I sit in front of the computer staring at the white, blank page.
The margins are set, the font is right, my fingers hover.
What will I write?
I see my reflection in the mirror on my desk,
It is there because I Skype… You know what I mean.
What will I write?
Stop thinking about Facebook or Twitter or Tumblr.
Blank, blank, blank it's all I see.
What will I write?
I’m hungry.  Should I go make a sandwich?
My boys’ photos on the wall smile back at me.
Yes Mom, go make a sandwich, they seem to say,
NO, NO, NO!  Concentrate for heavens’ sake!
What will I write?
I smell the new incense I lit before sitting down,
I hear the clock ticking and the hiss of my tinnitus.
Think, think, think….come on woman,
There’s got to be something in your head!
What will I write?
The phone rings downstairs,
My husband picks it up.
The dog wanders in,
I pet her on the head.
I think of the sandwich again,
And OMG! Now I have to pee!
What will I write?..........Nothing today.

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